College Analytical Chemistry Survival Guide

An Analytical Balance Shows Weight in Grams While Chemical Calculations are in Moles

An Analytical Balance Shows Weight in Grams While Chemical Calculations are in Moles

If you dread the thought of analytical chemistry then this survival guide may be just the ticket you are looking for. The opening paragraph will set your mind at ease right away: “There is not a lot that needs to be memorized in analytical chemistry”.  The author has one clear instruction to short circuit all your troubles: PRACTICE.  As long as you are ready to practice regularly and turn in your assignments on time you will be able to beat the end of semester cramming.

The guide goes beyond pep talk and gives you actual tips that you can use in the lab.  Example: weighing on an analytical balance is measured in grams while a chemical calculation is in moles and you will need to convert between the two.  The author then goes on to illustrate the conversion with an example.  Likewise he explains what you need to do when working with concentrations, basic statistical methods, and other hairy scary aspects that can get you down in the lab.  Read the guide and stay safe!

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