How to Select an Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Nor-Lake Ultra-Low Freezer

Nor-Lake Ultra-Low Freezer

Ultra low temperature freezers generally operate between user-set ranges from -40⁰C to -86⁰C whereas models described as low temperature laboratory freezers can be set from -10⁰C to -40⁰C, depending on make and model.  Ultra low freezers such as the Norlake Ultra-Low Select models available from Tovatech are used to support product protection and performance testing across a range of life science and manufacturing operations.   Available in 19, 23.2 and 27.5 cubic foot capacities, the Nor-Lake models are ideal for applications such as preserving rare or costly biological specimens and testing equipment that must perform reliably under conditions of severe cold to -86⁰C.

Spec Tips for Ultra Low Temp Freezers

Keep in mind that the lower you set the thermostat on an ultra low temperature freezer the more energy it consumes to maintain that temperature.   Match the temperature capability to storage or environmental testing recommendations.  Norlake Ultra-Low Select upright freezers allow temperatures to be adjusted and displayed in 0.1⁰C increments while on-board systems and maintenance diagnostics ensure optimal freezer performance.

Ultra low freezer design can go a long way toward maintaining internal temperatures.  High efficiency insulation plus cabinet- and door-mounted gaskets contribute to energy-efficient performance.  Separate internal compartments on these Nor-Lake units, each with individual insulated magnetic catch doors, confine the intrusion of ambient air to the accessed compartment.  Moreover, each compartment can be fitted with optional individual specimen racks to hold optional 2- or 3-inch fiberboard containers that in turn can accommodate cell dividers.  Labeling compartment doors, specimen racks and fiberboard containers speed content removal and return, further enhancing operating efficiency.

Other Important Ultra Low Freezer Features

Special features are incorporated into these freezers to protect costly or rare contents.

Control systems

  • 24/7 alarming for internal and ambient temperature, power failure, and door ajar.  Remote alarm contact  connections alert personnel in other areas in the lab
  • Programmable logic microprocessor controller with clock, event logging alarm history, advanced alarms, alarm test and memory functions all with battery backup
  • 2-level password protected security for power, temperature and alarm settings
  • Compressor protection monitor adjusts to internal and external conditions
  • Delayed freezer restart after an outage; surge protection, and voltage fluctuation control

Refrigeration systems

  • Dual hermetically sealed low noise compressors
  • Capillary tube system delivers refrigerant on demand for optimal heat removal and low temperature performance
  • Air cooled condenser with easily accessed washable filter;  clean filter alert
  • Improved evaporator design boosts refrigerant flow efficiency, temperature uniformity and recovery

Added Touches for an Ultra Low Upright Freezer

The door-mounted eye level control system with its menu-driven key pad and LCD display is positioned above a dry marker board and a pocket organizer holding document storage, a dry eraser and markers. Options include a front-mounted temperature chart recorder, an RS485 communications interface, phone dialer, LN2 or CO2 backup, locking systems and a seismic mounting kit.

These units use environmentally friendly, efficient CFC-free polyurethane insulation and refrigerant, and operate on standard 115-volt power.  They come with an 18-month part and labor warranty for the unit plus an additional 3.5-year warranty for compressor parts.

Contact the scientific freezer specialists at Tovatech for help in specifying the correct ultra low temperature freezer that best matches your requirements.

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