Get 20% Faster Cleaning with New Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Companies offering contract ultrasonic cleaning services and those using an industrial ultrasonic cleaner as part of their ongoing operations know the importance of efficiency and throughput especially when thoroughly cleaned components are critical to quality control.

A technological breakthrough in ultrasonic cleaner design has been achieved by adding a precise ± 2 cm vertical oscillation of cleaning baskets – a process that improves ultrasonic cavitation action to near perfection.  A feature of the new Flex Line of industrial ultrasonic cleaners from Tovatech, it provides 10% – 20% faster cleaning than conventional ultrasonic cleaners.  Cleaning with vertical oscillation is more thorough than static cleaning and is preferred for precision cleaning applications where small areas of residual contamination are unacceptable and reduce manufacturing yields.

Flex Line user-activated features further contribute to the efficiency and increased throughput of these ultrasonic cleaners:

  • A degas mode removes entrained air from new ultrasonic cleaning solutions so that cavitation cleaning action occurs immediately when parts are immersed in the degassed solution.
  • The pulse mode is activated to remove particularly tenacious contaminants.
  • The sweep mode provides more uniform distribution of cleaning energy in the bath.

Manufactured by Elma, Flex Line industrial ultrasonic cleaners are available in five tank capacities ranging from 8 to 44 gallons.  For each tank size users can specify dual ultrasonic frequencies of either 25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz to handle a broad range of products and cleaning requirements.

All units have a user-friendly modular control panel enabling operators to set cleaning times, the ultrasonic frequency and solution temperature.  The units monitor solution levels and have a low-level shut off.  They can operate continuously up to 12 hours, when an auto-shutoff will engage.  Auto shut-off will also occur if the solution temperature exceeds 90˚C (194˚F).

Rinse Tank and Dryer Complete the System

The Flex Line cleaning tanks can be co-mounted with oscillating rinse tanks with or without ultrasonic cavitation.  The rinse tanks take cleaning to the highest level by removing any residue that remains on the products.   Tanks can also be equipped with a shower rinse station using city or DI water to be used as either a first or second rinse step.  Hot air dryers complete the Flex Line industrial ultrasonic cleaning system.


What type of industrial ultrasonic cleaning system is used in your operations?  Do you do contract cleaning or clean as part of the ongoing production process?

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